Mission and Goals

  • We Believe: 

  • 1.) Every Youth under the age of 18 in Davidson County that attends a Title I Metro Nashville Public School should have adequate access to Art Education experiences. Arts Education contributes to a child’s academic performance as well as their overall health, safety and welfare.   

  • 2.) Every Young Adult artist between the ages of 18 to 35 should have access to artist development resources and quality of life support services. Becoming an Artist in Middle Tennessee should not be looked upon as a “death sentence”.


Connect Youth and Young Adult Artists to Resources and Opportunities that Foster Creativity and Financial Stability.

  • Goals: 

  • 1.) Create Additional Access to Art Education Experiences for Youth Ages 7 to 18 yrs old in Title I Metro Nashville Public Schools 

  • 2.) Empower Young Adult Artists, Ages 18 to 35 years old in Middle Tennessee

  • 3.) Cultivate a Stronger Creative Economy in Middle Tennessee

How We Accomplish Our Goals: 

1.) Collaboration: Create Private-Public Partnerships That Assist Young Adult Artists in Music and Multimedia Disciplines

2.) Referrals: Affordable Housing Opportunities, Educational Workshops, Creative Business Planning Assistance

3.) Training: Training resources in Music Production, Photography, Songwriting and Illustration